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Jamie Olah delights in helping writers realize their artistic visions by providing personalized, generous and thought-provoking analysis of their work. She draws on thirteen years of experience as a devisor of new theatrical work based on collaboration and creativity. Her primary objective is to meet each writer where they are in their process and to craft feedback that meets their specific needs. Jamie provides nuanced observations in all areas of script development, including play structure, story execution, character development, relationships, dialogue, pace, tone, and consistency. Additionally, she uses her extensive background in physical theatre and directing to inform valuable feedback regarding the physicality, imagery, and staging of a piece. Jamie welcomes partnerships with writers of all levels of experience and scripts in any stage of development. She also offers customized script consultation services for devised theatre productions.


How it works

1. Enquiry

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2. Initial consultation

You and Jamie will connect on the phone or via video chat for a brief discussion to establish where you currently are in your process and your goals for the piece. You will then work with Jamie to curate a list of questions about your play and to communicate the scope of feedback that will best serve your process.

3. work

Jamie will thoroughly review your work and provide a detailed written evaluation based on the goals and questions determined during your consultation. Jamie will also pose questions designed to inspire and challenge your current understanding of the work.

4. Receive and review

In an agreed upon time frame, Jamie will email you her evaluation and speak with you via phone, video chat, or in person (Chicago only) to review her notes and answer any additional questions.

Contact Jamie to learn more about customized script consultation services for devised theatre productions.


“Every time I work with Jamie she proves her brilliance more and more. She sees stories the way mathematicians see proofs. She raises the right questions, challenges the sneakiest weaknesses, and does it all with an attitude of support and positivity.”

Dan Plehal
Co-Artistic Director of Aura CuriAtlas Physical Theatre, Freelance Director

“Offering feedback on another writer’s work is an art and Jamie Olah excels at it. Her background and abilities as a playwright mean she brings truly valuable experience to her reviews, but even more than that, she gets excited about others’ work and does a wonderful job of identifying what works well and what could be improved. She balances encouragement with constructive criticism in her feedback and always has a suggestion for an exercise you could try to work through the tricky bits of your script.”

Hayley Grgurich

“Insightful, thought-provoking, generous, supportive and a damn fine playwright. That’s Jamie Olah, a valued colleague, coach and mentor for established Chicago theatre professionals and emerging talent alike.”

Curtis Edwin Powell
Composer, Playwright, Sound Designer, Author and Actor

“Working with Jamie Olah helped me better understand my script. Rather than impose her particular vision the work, Jamie helped me realize the potential of what was there and build upon it. She was especially good at helping me think through how I was incorporating physical action and visual elements. Her feedback was always positive and insightful--truly invaluable!”

Cindy Henkin

"Jamie has a genuine care for the creative process and with that care she always creates a safe space for creative growth. Her feedback feeds you in a way that can only make you grow as an artist.”

Amber Ray Snyder
Actor, Director, Writer and Filmmaker

"Jamie basically helped me create the show of my dreams! Her vast insight, compassionate curiosity, and rich questions emboldened me to take the seed of my idea and grow it into a full production. I honestly don't think my show would have ever left the Someday/Maybe Post-it notes of my mind if not for Jamie's encouragement and service. Many thanks!"

Les Rorick
Theatre Maker and Teaching Artist

“Along with being a creator and curator, Jamie Olah is an artistic nurturer and guide. I was introduced to her as a playwright and director; working with her as a script consultant has helped me understand how her productions are as crisp, clean, and grounded as they consistently are. She brings her playwright's heart and her director's eye to the table as a collaborator. Jamie's insights are supportive and enriching while somehow also managing to be pithy and direct. She is particularly skilled at getting to the root of sticky areas in a script and helping to shape the foundations so that the layers of action fit smoothly on top. I go into every session with Jamie feeling in shambles about the direction of my project and come out with an action plan and an ever-clearer understanding of why and how it can work.”

Amalia King

"Jamie helped me so much during the later drafts of my script. She has a wonderful understanding of the mechanics of stories and really helped me clarify the narrative."

Andrea Beschel-Sutherland
Playwright and Director

“Jamie is a phenomenal writer and coach. As a reader, she manages to bridge the divide between seeing both the promise of the script, and the growing pains that are holding it back. As a result, her commentary is both incisive and encouraging, honest and kind. She has the skills to make any piece stronger and clearer.”

Felix Abidor
Playwright and Clown


$350 Full Length Script (up to 120 pages)
$250 One Act Script (up to 70 pages)
$100 Outline or 10-minute Script (up to 15 pages)
$100 - $1,000 Devising Consultation (based on scope of project)


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