Eden in Silence

Full-length image and movement-based drama | 7W

Eden is leaving. After surviving five years of violence at the hands of her boyfriend Christopher, she packs up her belongings and steps out the door. But what should be a fresh new beginning is hardly an end to her struggle. Every success she has in building a new life is upended by Christopher’s sudden presence. Defeated, Eden retreats from the world and plunges into a deep depression. Will she rise to overcome her abuse or give in to her despair? Using physical theatre and visual spectacle, Eden in Silence challenges the stigma of domestic abuse and champions the transformative power of human connection.

Production History

Developed in The New Colony Writers’ Room | Chicago, 2016
Staged Reading | The New Colony | Chicago, 2016
Workshop Production | Co-Produced by Jamie Olah and Links Hall | Partially supported by an IAP Grant from DCASE | Chicago, 2017

The workshop production of Eden in Silence was accompanied by panel discussions on domestic violence that featured representatives from Apna Ghar, Between Friends, The Center for Advancing Domestic Peace, The Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network, KAN-WIN, and Sarah’s Circle.