You are not alone. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available to help victims and survivors of domestic violence. Call 1-800-799-7233 or visit

the show

Using physical theatre and visual spectacle, Eden in Silence offers an intimate view of the aftermath of domestic violence. When Eden leaves her five-year abusive relationship she survives by denying her grief. She throws herself into work, puts on a pleasant face for friends, and ignores her family’s offers for help. She endures until the arrival of an unexpected letter and a call for help makes her realize that she is not alone. Featuring a diverse cast of ten women, Eden in Silence challenges the stigma of domestic abuse and champions the transformative power of human connection.

the campaign

The fully-realized production of Eden in Silence will be part of a month-long, citywide series of cultural events designed to combat domestic violence. We seek a producer for the show, and we look to partner with artists, arts organizations, domestic violence aid organizations, and educational institutions to present workshops, lectures, panel discussions, art installations, musical performances, and poetry readings throughout the city. 

To make this goal a reality, we need your voice. 

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production history

workshop production

October 23-24, 2017
Produced by Jamie Olah, Co-Presented by Links Hall
Links Hall, Chicago
Directed by Kacie Smith

Featuring: Kimberly Banks, Yessenia Carreon, Isabel Dieppa, Jessamyn Fitzpatrick, Suzy Krueckeberg, RjW Mays, Sarah Rachel Schol, Denise Smolarek, Aimy Tien, and Phoebi Yu.

Stage Manager: Maggie Mohr
Sound Design: Debbie Baños
Poster Design: Katherine Goldberg  

The workshop production of Eden in Silence was partially supported by an Individual Artists Program Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events, as well as a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency through federal funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.


November 2, 2016
Produced by The New Colony
The Den Theatre, Chicago
Directed by Kacie Smith

Featuring: Aurora Adachi-Winter, Adia Alli, Lorraine Freund, Danielle Gennaoui, Alicia Hall, Joy Pappas, Kelsey Shipley, Elise Spoerlein, Parker Sterling, and Risha Tenae.

Eden in Silence was developed in The New Colony Writers' Room in Spring 2016.


The following Chicago-based organizations collaborated with Eden in Silence to present a panel discussion following each performance of the workshop production. 

APNA GHAR INC. is a multi-service agency that a) serves immigrant survivors of Gender-Based Violence, b) conducts advocacy and training to improve service providers' and first responders' treatment of immigrant survivors of violence, and c) educates immigrant individuals and communities to prevent violence and ensure that Survivors of abuse are supported and referred to appropriate services. "Apna Ghar" means “Our Home” in Hindu and Urdu, two of the main languages of South Asia. Apna Ghar was established by five Asian American women in 1989 to provide shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, and case management to Asian immigrants suffering from abuse.

BETWEEN FRIENDS envisions a world without domestic violence where all relationships are equitable, safe, and just. To end the cycle of domestic violence we provide adults and children impacted by domestic violence crisis line support, court advocacy, counseling, financial empowerment programs, and positive social experiences. To build a community free of abuse we offer evidence-based teen dating violence prevention and community education to schools, businesses, health care settings and other community groups. To find out more about Between Friends visit or call 773.274-5232.

THE CENTER FOR ADVANCING DOMESTIC PEACE helps people who have abused to stop their domestic violence, take responsibility for their behavior, create healthy relationships, and strengthen their community. The Center’s direct service program, Beliefs & Skills for Domestic Peace, engenders accountability, self-reliance and self-worth and provides tools needed to make positive choices. The Center, which is the only free-standing, non-profit organization in Illinois that focuses solely on partner abuse Intervention, assists approximately 400 men and women each year in its offices in Tri-Taylor, Englewood and the Chicago Lawn community.

THE CHICAGO METROPOLITAN BATTERED WOMEN’S NETWORK is a coalition of over 45 organizations, allied professionals, and government workers serving domestic violence victims in Cook County with a mission to educate, organize, and advocate as a collaborative membership organization to end domestic violence. Our vision is to eradicate domestic violence and its underlying causes in oppression. The Network performs its work in four focus areas: First response – The Network operates the Illinois’ Official Statewide 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline (877-863-6338), Advocacy & Public Policy, Professional Training, and Member Services.

KAN-WIN is a non-profit organization established in 1990, which serves victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Chicago metropolitan area. KAN-WIN’s mission is to eradicate all forms of violence against women, including domestic violence and sexual assault, by empowering Asian American Survivors and engaging the community through culturally competent services, community education and outreach, and advocacy. KAN-WIN’s services are designed to empower immigrant survivors to tackle the unique and complex challenges they face as they seek to escape from abuse. All of our services are free and confidential, and we strive to provide them in the survivor’s own language.

SARAH’S CIRCLE was founded by volunteers in 1979 to serve single women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The organization meets immediate needs but its primary focus is on permanent solutions. The Daytime Support Center, 50-bed Interim Housing Program, Clinical Services Program, and 30-unit Permanent Supportive Housing Program address the complex circumstances that have led each woman to become homeless or unstably housed, and to help her transition into permanent and stable housing. In 2016 Sarah’s Circle served 793 women across all programs and helped 116 exit homelessness and move into permanent housing.



The following poem was written by Chicago poet Hera Shakir to accompany the workshop performance of Eden in Silence.


I've got sunlight on my lashes
And my heart is calling me back
Yes it's calling me back
I've got good days yet to live for
And yes I deserve that
And yes I deserve that

No you are not here
You are not a shadow
Crawling up my skin like a spider
Your cobwebs don't trap me
I am not your pray
You are not touching my skin
With soft fingers that can turn harsh
That's the wind
You are not the blue on my eye
Bruising my vision
That's the sky

I am not yours any more
I am mine

I am mindful that this moment is mine
Each and every moment is mine
Yes from now on
I will be mindful that
Each moment is mine

Because I forgive myself
I forgive myself
I may never forgive you
But I forgive myself

For being at the wrong place at the wrong time
For mistaking that you were for love
For being a victim
But I am more than a victim

I am the white tassels of prayer rugs
And each grain of sand blown in the wind
I am the faithful flame that burned for eight days
The orange leaves falling in autumn heat
I am the rhythm the Zulu women dance to
The rhythm the Navajo women dance to
The rhythm the Tamil women dance to

Sometimes I ask the sky questions
Why did I have to go through this?
Did I really deserve this?
I try to decipher the answers
In the movement of clouds
Sometimes I ask the sweet breeze
Where has it been?
Why couldn't I feel it until now?

Sometimes I move so far from myself
Back in a time I have left long ago
Back in the darkness
Surrounded by your laughter
By your adrenaline
Sometimes I find myself shaking

But my eyes are calling me back
The wind is calling me back
My friends and family are calling me back
I have young ones to raise
I have old ones to care for
I have myself to appreciate
Myself is the main course
On this evening of love
Ourselves are the main course

Because now
I am mindful that this moment is mine
Each and every moment is mine
Each moment is ours
Each and every moment will be ours

'Cause I've got sunlight on my lashes
And my heart is calling me back
Yes it's calling me back
I've got good days yet to live for
And yes I deserve that
And yes I deserve that

We've got sunlight on our lashes
And our hearts are calling us back
Yes they're calling us back
We've got good days yet to live for
And yes we deserve that
And yes we deserve that