Established in 2015, Chicago Playwrights Group is a club where playwrights and theatre creators gather in 6-week sessions to share their work and receive constructive feedback from their peers. Sessions are held three times a year: in winter, spring, and fall. Meetings are hosted in members' homes. All levels of experience are welcome. All types and lengths of work are accepted in any stage of development. 

what members are saying:

"I looked forward to the meetings all week. It felt like the closest thing to a salon I've ever been part of: hearing so many interesting, creative voices and reading great original work. I was really impressed by the quality of everyone's writing. This is an amazing project."  - Amalia Mathewson

"I've participated in a variety of writing groups in the past, but CPG absolutely stands out. Jamie does an exceptional job of keeping the sessions small, focused and full of writers who care deeply about doing their best work. Feedback was collaborative, constructive and always given with the author's goals in mind. I hope to take part in future sessions and encourage other writers in need of a supportive creative community to sign up!"  - Hayley Grgurich

"CPG is a diverse and comfortable space for writers at all levels. A great resource for meeting new people with an interest in Chicago theatre."  - John Accrocco

"I’ve been in a number of different CPG sessions as an audience member, which is the perfect amount of participation for me! I’m not a playwright myself, but as a director and teacher I love editing scripts and talking about stories. Being an audience member allows me to talk about character development and story structure and all those awesome scripting things. It’s also a great place to meet working theatre people in the city!"  - Lesley Fisher Chapman


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CPG Members

John Accrocco
Felix Abidor
Andrea Beschel
Sam Bruns
CJ Chapman
Lesley Fisher Chapman
Kamille Dawkins
David Denman
Eric Duhon
Mike Evans
Jessamyn Fitzpatrick
Kayla Lane Freeman
Lorraine Freund
Hayley Grgurich
Amelia Hefferon
Cindy Henkin
Sarah Illiatovich-Goldman
Erin Lane
Nora Anne Leahy
Andrea Lenaburg
Phillip Lewis
Josephine Longo
Sonja Lynn Mata
Amalia Mathewson
Patrick McLean
Maggie Mohr
Kim Morris
Jill Olson
Aidaa Peerzada
Curtis Powell
Les Rorick
Allison Shackelford
Kacie Smith
Amber Snyder
Risha Tenae
Gregory Sutherland
Anthony Whitaker
Matt Wills
Dan Zellner