ANNA to the West

Full-length dance theatre | 3W, 2M 

Twelve-year-old Anna Conway has been called to adventure and she doesn’t want to go. It is 1843, and her family is packing up the only home she has ever known to seek a new life in Oregon Country. Deadly disease, intense heat, roaring rivers and treacherous mountain passes loom on the horizon. It’s every tween’s dream. Using physical storytelling and dance, Anna to the West tells one girl’s coming-of-age story against the backdrop of a sweeping American migration. 

10-minute excerpt devised with Genesee Spridco and the 2015 Acting Ensemble: Claire Bauman, John Cartwright, Danielle Gennaoui, Cindy Henkin, and Dan Plehal

Production HIstory

Production, 10-minute excerpt | Physical Festival Chicago | Chicago, 2015
Production, 10-minute excerpt | Adventure Stage Chicago | Chicago, 2015