Jamie is the founder of Chicago Playwrights Group and Firefly Storytelling, as well as the co-founder and former Artistic Director of Grassroots Theatre Project. Jamie is a former company member with Dal Vivo Theatre and The Moving Dock Theatre Company. She is a three-time recipient of grants from the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. Jamie has worked with The Arc Theatre, The New Colony, Olive Juice Theatre, Pursuit Productions, Prologue Theatre, Walkabout Theatre, Food & Performances, Red Tape Theatre, Bailiwick Theatre, Apple Tree Theatre, and Premier Theatre & Performance. She holds a BFA in Theatre Performance from Viterbo University.


Jamie grew up in a small farming town on the shores of Lake Wisconsin. Her earliest memories are of campfires, catching toads, and cooking sand pancakes in the sun with her sister and brother. She spent her early life convinced she would grow up to be a printmaker or sculptor. Then she discovered performance in high school and fell in love with stories. After earning her BFA magna cum laude in Theatre Performance from Viterbo University, she moved to Chicago which she has called home ever since.

Jamie began her professional journey as an actor specializing in devised physical theatre and has since shifted her focus to writing. Today she identifies as a movement-based playwright dedicated to inspiring social change by elevating the untold stories of women and girls.

Jamie loves physical comedy and considers Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean (the original series) her personal hero. She is also a huge fan of Lucille Ball’s “Vitameatavegamin” sketch and laughs hysterically every time she watches it.

Jamie’s mother always knew that she would grow up to work with kids. For a long time Jamie wasn’t so sure, but her mother was right (as mothers most always are). Today, Jamie is an arts educator with twelve years of experience empowering young people to create and perform their own stories.