Jamie grew up in a small town on Lake Wisconsin. Her childhood was spent swimming, catching toads, and cooking sand pancakes in the sun with her sister and brother.

Jamie loved school, and spent her years making art and singing and dancing and acting. She enjoyed it so much that she went to Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and earned her BFA in Theatre Performance.

Today Jamie specializes in writing and devising physical theatre. She has had the pleasure of training and creating theatre with some beautiful, inspiring people. She loves physical comedy and laughs hysterically every time she watches Lucille Ball's "Vitameatavegamin" sketch.

Jamie's mother always knew that she would grow up to work with kids. For a long time Jamie didn't think so, but her mother was right (as mothers most always are). Today Jamie is an educator with over twelve years of experience empowering young people to tell their own stories. She loves it.